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Valco Company (Angelos Valoukas’ Bros) was founded on 1976 at Thessaloniki with bussiness scoping on import and trade of electrical, industrial and relative equipment.

Our company for more than 40 years is growing side by side with greek companies offering reliable products and services, and solutions covering every need in electrical, electronic and industrial automation equipment. Coming to today, our company has the modern warehouse facilities at the western entrance of Thessaloniki as well as the modern headquarter store on Monastiriou street.

The products we provide come mainly from foreign houses but also from Greek production companies. We constantly research and select the best quality products that combine the best price-quality ratio. After all, this is the relationship that will contribute to the achievement of our primary goal, which is to create and maintain excellent relationships with our customers. The product codes we have already exceeded 20,000 and are constantly being enriched covering more and more applications with more and more options per case.

We constantly make sure to keep competitive prices on our products, which are covered by the warranties of the dealerships. Our price lists are systematically and periodically updated with great care and diligence.

Our company’s Customer Service and Sales Department is made up of people who have the training and knowledge to provide you with information regarding both our products and their technical coverage. It is a pleasure for all of us to communicate with you.

Who is Who?

Valco Company is the second generation keeping and growing the company that was founded on 1976 by Angelos Valoukas.

Our Vision

Our vision is continuous development without sacrificing in any way the quality of the services we offer. Because the goal of development comes as a result of the good relations with the professionals and with the individuals we have been working with all these years!

Price-Quality Ratio

Although the number of codes is constantly increasing at a rapid rate, we always try to maintain the best value for money products. We make sure that all the products we stock have all the required International and European certificates of quality and specificationsWe also make sure they have a warranty either from the manufacturer or from the dealer.

Our partnerships!

Our partnerships with both our suppliers and our customers are the cornerstone of growth. For this reason we constantly try to keep them in excellent condition!

A key point in our course has always been the support of the products we have: instructions, hints, suggestions and also a guarantee is the composition we apply.

Before a product reaches the shelf it is checked to determine its condition and quality of manufacture. So we are sure that the product you will get from our company will have the quality standards.

Our company’s staff is fully trained and willing to serve quickly and correctly. We love friendly atmosphere and for this reason we cultivate it so that we cooperate with a smile!

Our customers have already exceeded 3000 (professionals and individuals) both from the Greek territory and from the wider Balkan area. And the number is constantly growing! Because we just love to serve you!